5th Birthday Parties Photos … FINALLY!

Yes yes once again i’m late putting up Tobias’ Birthday Parties photos. This year he had 4 small parties – all at the various classes he attends.

The 1st one was at K. Club – i made little cup cakes for each child (there are only 12 of them) – they celebrated it with him. i was not there, the teacher very kindly offered to take photos with our camera 🙂

Here’s Tobias with his cupcake & the K. Club birthday candle (it’s a special one they use for the kids’ brithdays):

The second party which was on his actual birthday day was at Chinese Class – but i only baked a very simple lemon cake, no deco, hence no photo & we just gave out sweets & cut the cake for everyone to eat during break time – so it wasn’t quite a celebration or party at all.

The third party was at the Krippe (Daycare) on Friday that week – that one i did a big cake with icing & deco & big monster truck – it was the last one he was to have with the kids there. He starts Kindi in Aug & will no longer go there.

So here’s the monster truck cake (the icing is a light green, thot you can’t see it from the photo) & a shot from the garden party:

The fourth & final party was at church. For this one, i baked the cake which Tobias had asked for – a racing track cars cake – it did not turn out as my cake deco book showed. The center part of the cake (white icing) was supposed to be one big circle but i did not have a cookie cutter that big, on hindsight i could have just used a big bowl to cut the circle from the icing … ahhh… hindsight, if only it came before an event…
Anyhow, the pink icing around was supposed to be red (did not have enough colouring or more like made too much icing). It was also supposed to be a clean line around but i did not have enough icing sugar to make it sift enough to hold the shape. So it was all improvished! It turned out ok – but i would really really have liked the pink icing to be bright red – sigh! But it made no difference to Tobias – it was a race track & it had cars on it – that was all that mattered. i simply love the way kids see things – so simple – i wish so much for that point of view sometimes.
So enough babbling!
Here’s a pitcure of the cake & us singing Happy Birthday to Tobias (as well as to my friend Jacquelyn):

Here’s a couple of photos of Tobias with his stash of presents:

He is consistently spoilt by 2 sets of grandparents, a doting uncle, 3 sets of godparents & of cos us, his parents, not to mention all the other uncles & aunties in his little life.
Thanks to all of you for your love for our little guy 😉


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