Tobias the Easter Bunny …

We went to a Easter Party – our 1st one! It was held by & at Gymboree Bern. Tobias had lots of fun – there was follow-the-train, story-time, touching a real-live rabbit, wearing bunny ears, of course the Easter Egg hunt & egg painting.

Here’s Tobias wearing his ears & being a bunny:

Tobias & his painted eggs:

The lengths a boy would go through for chocolate eggs – hehhee:

Tobias & his spoils:

i had fun watching & taking lots of photos! The only unfortunate thing that came out of this was that i think Tobias is allergic to rabbit as well as cats. Cats we knew from last year but rabbits is just now. i hope he is not allergic to more furry creatures cos he really likes them lots.

Tobias has spent the last 4 yrs – happily attending classes at Gymboree – it is a little sad to see that it will all be ending soon. One can only be at Gymboree till 5 yrs old & Tobias will be 5 in less than a month.


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