Introducing Our New Picture-maker aka Camera…

Yes we got a new point & shoot digital camera – our trusty old Canon is still good to use but it’s getting really slow & eats up batteries like nobody’s business & it does not have a wide enough lens (see previous post & then see Leonny’s post about the same subject – we both tried taking the same picture of the both of us & the boys in the background as you will see her camera did better or maybe i was a bad photographer?)

So meet our Nikon Coolpix 210S, bought in KL. It is not the latest fanciest model but it has all the functions we want – a rechargeable battery (no need to constantly buy new ones), a wider lens, slimmer, lighter, more scene selection, takes longer videos, more megapixels etc… – it was on special & came with a cute mini tripod & free memory card so we are happy 😀


& say a fond farewell to our Canon PowerShot A40:

But… i think we might give the Canon to Tobias so that he can start taking pictures too, he has shown great interest while we were in Singapore – so you might see some more of Canon in action yet.

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