Finally… our Singapore 2009 Summary…

Yes yes – it’s been almost 3x weeks since we got back from Singapore – but i’m finally got to sit down & do this.
WARNING: Very picture heavy post.

We arrived in Singapore on 24th of Jan – the eve of the eve of Chinese New Year. Then it was 2x Reunion Dinners & a few days of visiting later before we were off to KL. We weren’t in KL for very long – just a few days – it was a little hectic as we tried to get in the sights, the shopping & visiting some relatives & meeting friends – next we go i would prefer to stay a few more days. But still it was nice – besides it was the 1st holiday we traveled with both my parents so it was special!

Here are some photos from KL:
On the bus to KL – took us about 5hrs, including a short lunch stop. It was highly comfortable, with on-board TV as well (a couple of central screens)

On the rail/train in KL.                     Outside the KLCC.

Of cos we enjoyed the wonderful delicious KL street food – ooohhhh nothing beats that ;p
& we were at Chinatown as well.

This time round i noticed how many little boyz were our friends, so here’s a little show of who are these little boyz:

Playing games with Ethan                         With the cousins (one of them is not here)

Playing with Samuel                   @ Restaurant with Joey           From left: Kai, Dan & Tobias

He had wonderful times playing with each of these playmates whom he sees only once a year.

We also met up with a couple of new babies:

Mummies & their babies (friends from Uni)                         Baby Scarlet with me & with Tobias

The sights of Singapore:
@ Marina Barrage – touted as the latest downtown icon – Singapore’s first reservoir in the city and 15th reservoir.

@ Sentosa

Down the Luge…                                         Saw the pink dolphins…                          

We also went to the Underwater World. This was a family outing with my parents, brother, grandmother & aunt & uncle.

@ Zoo

     Animal friends – the Croc & the Otters                                     On the boat to the new Waterpark

At the Rainforest Waterpark     Climbing – "i can do it… i can do it…"

Of cos we also celebrated a couple of birthdays while we were there:

Walter’s Surprise 40th Birthday Party – which was organised over Facebook 😉

People…lots of people there but my camera battery died so i only have a few photos. The cake has gold dust on it – a very well-known Japanese bakery – the name escapes me at the moment but it was amazingly yummy!!!

My Mum’s Birthday with a special cake – the cake has white daisys on it & my Mum’s name is Daisy. This cake was custom-made.

Tobias also spent some time behind the wheel of a couple of vehicles:

He actually learnt how to reverse park this one … the second one he wasn’t allowed to even start it – hahhaaa 😉

Tobias also spent a fair amount of time playing games (see above photo with Ethan):

Playing the PSP…                                        Playing the Wii…

All in all it was a jammed packed wonderful fun relaxing enjoyable time 😀

A couple more parting shots:

Singapore Big Bird???              @ the CBD area near Boat Quay…


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