My very first NaNoWriMo Write-In

Tea shop write-in
Originally uploaded by hellomizk

So i went to my very 1st NaNoWriMo Write-in on Saturday!
i “abandoned” husband and son for an entire day – went to my Ladies Day Away – Stress seminar – in the morning, then immediately after that, i took the train to Fribroug and found this little tea-shop which was tucked away in a little corner of the old town area, walked in and found these bunch of people all bended over their laptops, typing away. i was immediately welcomed & we all got back to the business of writing.
i love the hot chocolate served there – it comes in wonderful different flavours including strawberry 😉
The atmosphere is also great for writing – the walls – not pictured – are filled floor to ceiling with books. It is a tiny place – most of the sitting space is shown in the picture – there are maybe another 3 bar stools just after where you see the muffins. A total of 13 people squeezed in that little space, writing their 50,000 words.
i also got to experience my first word war – which is great – crazy but great – a time limit is set and you type as many words as you can in that time 😉
ok time to go get writing again.

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