A Feel of Home, A Dollar and WordsWordsWords…

i’m combining 3x posts into one – mainly cos i can’t be bothered to post 3x times, partly cos i really should be doing writing for NaNoWriMo.

A Feel of Home…
On Saturday, we went to Westside – the new mega shopping mall on the outskirts of Bern.
It was amazing (er… by Swiss standards – for people from Asia – it is no way near what we have in Asia)!
Regardless still amazingly big & i love the architecture! Very modern, lots of angles – love the way wood is used on the outside of the building.
But the one thing that really hit us was that we walked in & WOW! It felt like a shopping mall in Singapore – something like Vivo City! i kept saying that this is where we will come when we feel home sick.
We had fusion Thai food – it was a luxury which we don’t often afford to ourselves 😉 But not all the food was up to standard – such as the chicken curry which Walter ordered – it was supposed to be 3x chillies – which means super spicy but was not – it was so not spicy that i, me – the one who can hardly stand anything close to spicy, me said it was not. But it is fusion food so maybe … we think it was adjusted for Swiss standards.
Anyhow, it’s not just a shopping mall – it has 11 cinema screens & a spa & swimming pool! There is also a big Kinderland – where you can drop your kids off to play while you shop – for a low cost too 😉
Sorry no pictures – i don’t really think about taking pictures of shopping malls – but u can hop over to their website & have a look.

A Dollar…
Today at KidsKorner in church, Pastor Bud showed the kids a US$1 bill & asked if anyone would believe that he would give it to them. From a corner, in a loud voice, "Sure you will!" – my little boy. That’s right Tobias believed and Pastor Bud gave him the dollar – Tobias was thrilled to bits. The lesson was about believing, having faith.
i’m constantly amazed at the faith in people which children are born with – they have faith that when they were helpless as a babe, you would fed, clothe & care for them – they have faith that you will love them no matter how many times they have driven you up the wall – they have faith that you will not hurt them … it is a little sad to think that the world will show them that not all people they meet can be trusted with this amount of faith. i hope that Tobias never loses faith – whether in people or more importantly, in God.

Here’s a picture of Tobias, happily waving his dollar bill, which is now safely tugged into his piggy bank:

Yes that is what my head has been filled with since i signed up for NaNoWriMo.
i’m about 13,000 words behind but still very excited about it & feel myself gaining momentum.
It has been surprisingly fun – especially with the forums with fellow-WriMos in Singapore & here in Switzerland.
To all WriMos all over the world (there are over 100,000), keep novelling 😉

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