Invited to His 1st Swiss Birthday Party…

Tobias was recently invited to his 1st Swiss Birthday Party! Of cos we have been to many other birthday parties but none of those was from a Swiss Swiss family (meaning both parents are swiss). It was very exciting & interesting for us. Tobias talked about from the time we got the invitation till the day we actually went – which was Tuesday 22nd June 2008.

Here’s a little drawing Tobias made for the little birthday gal – Lena, who is his constant playmate at Daycare. She turned 3 on Tues. Oh by the way, my clever little boy drew these all by himself. The only help i gave him was to write the words out on a separate piece of paper & i showed him how to draw the 1st flower & he drew the other 3 all by himself – mummy is soooo proud – can you tell?! hahhahha ;p

The party took place in the forest near the little gal’s home which is only 1x village down from us. Here a look at the place where the party took place:

There are actually many such places all over the Swiss counrtyside – i remembered going to a friend’s 30th birthday also which was in a barn. It so great to be able to be in nature & use it & the Swiss really do take good care of the natural environment they have – such taking their own trash away when they leave – they are really into leaving the place exactly the way they found it – so nature is still there for others to enjoy 🙂

Lena’s mother was a teacher at the Daycare (she has since resigned – she has a new baby now) so games were easy for her to do & half the kids were from the Daycare so they all knew the games 🙂
Here’s a video of one of the games:

She did like at least 3x different games with just that 1x balloon which she gave to each child! It was brillant & all the kids were 4 & under & could follow very well!

Here’s Tobias being silly with one of his friends from the Daycare, Patrick:

i was the only parent, besides Lena’s Godparents, that was there for the party. All the other swiss parents simply dropped off their kids. i guess i’m still very asian that way – feels funny to just drop him off & leave. Asian parents have birthday parties for their kids but parents are always expected to stay – they are of cos invited to stay – it’s just not asian to have a kids birthday party without the parents around. i sometimes think Asian parents have kids parties as an excuse to enjoy themselves too – hahhahaha 😉
i also like being there so i can pick up some game ideas/party ideas for Tobias’ next birthday :p

Tobias had a blast at his 1st Swiss birthday party – he had an early night that day 😉

(PS: mood has to do with the fact that i cleaned all the windows in the apt today – actually Tobias helped by spraying the window cleaner on & of cos Walter helped with the last few after he had his nap – he returned from a 3x day trip to Romania this afternoon – so it was a family effort! Ahhh… clean windows 🙂 )

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