ESP – would it work for your family?…

ESP? Extra Sensory Perception?? No. Extra Super Powers??? No.

Equally Shared Parenting.
Now you may say that you already share the parenting load – but this is a whole different level of shared parenting as most of us would think of it – read the article & let me know what you think (be warned it’s a very long article but worth the read).

Here’s a link to the website which tells you more.

Personally i think it’s a fabulous idea if it works for you – as the article shows, it works for some people some of the time. i would love to give it a try if & when circumstances allow us to – at the moment, living in a country where i fare poorly in the language, not being able to work in my profession cos of the language, hubby having the fulltime work (which is what is allowing us to live here)… not quite the ideal situation to try something like this.

So read & share thots pls.

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