Happy Belated Mother’s Day…

i know it’s a bit late – but my computer wasn’t being very cooperative so …
Anyhow, to all u Mums out there –Happy Mother’s Day:

Here’s a little prayer/blessing which a very sweet friend send to me:

Lovingly i pray on this special Mother’s Day
God reaches into your heart beautifully today
And within His reach from Heaven above
He flows the wonderful family spirit of Love

i pray He grants you such sweet angelic care
So that you’ll know, He’s always there
i pray within God’s great vast love for you
In life, daily onwards whatever you’ll do

You feel His love, His strength and His peace
As Mother’s Day blesses with spiritual release
God will grant His prayer today,
More so when it’s in the grace of family love
i pray this Amen.
– Christopher R. Slater-


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