Have You Got Your Mum a gift yet?if not, …

i may have the perfect gift for your mother – i came across this at Crunchy Domestic Goddess.
So here’s the idea: – why not contribute towards a worthy cause in honour of the wonderful mother that she is? & of cos the causes are all related to women.
You can contribute towards a Mother & Child Clinic in Nepal, Help Afghan Women Deliver Healthy Babies Safely, Ensure Healthcare for 40,000+ Displaced Darfurians, Empower Women to End HIV/AIDS Stigma, South Africa or Noon Meal Improves Girls’ Learning in Burkina Faso. Just US$10 would make a huge difference in the lives of these women.
Simply follow this link, then select your cause, enter the amount you wish to contribute, after that there will be the option to select “Make this donation in honor of someone or send as a gift?.” You can then select if you’d like to send an e-card or a paper card. Fill out the rest of the information and you’re done. 🙂
It’s a gift that honours your mum & helps women who are in real need. Perfect, right?

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