Spring, Cuties & New Shelves…

So Spring has sprung? i think so – but i would hold back on being entirely sure – these days weather is crazy. We had that big snow fall over Easter & usually that’s the last of the snow we’ll see at this level (400m above sea level). But guess what – it snowed again last weekend. So now i have decided not to look at the blooming flowers (which you see below) as a sign of Spring – they were out at Easter already – but still the snow came & the windy blew & it was cold!

However, today i think i can say that Spring has arrived – the slugs & snails came out after the rains today 😉 (didn’t have my camera when i saw them so no pict 😦 )

But here are the whites & yellows in our backyard:

spring sprung 2008

Oh i also want to share this lovely photo of the 2x Cuties in my life (darling hubby & darling son):
Aren’t they cute?!!

Well, in Singapore, i was looking at the possiblities of getting a cheap metal book stand for my business – however, didn’t see a design that suited my needs. My beloved Daddy was with me when i was at the metal factory showroom – he looked at the stuff they had & instantly designed a book stand to suit my needs with the raw materials that was there – amazing!

So here’s the book stand in action:
metal bookstand01metal bookstand02
& it can be used in 2x ways! Thank you very much Daddy!

Well, have to go get Sunday School materials together.

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