New car & dog-sitting…

So i mentioned in passing my last post that we were buying a new car – well, bought & collected on Wednesday, 10th Oct 2007. i personally wasn’t ready to say goodbye to our faithful little car – Ford Focus Hatchback, which has served us so well for the last 5x years. i thought i had a couple of weeks from the time we said we buy till when we actually had to collect – but apparently, they work fast here & all the paperwork was done & ready to go within a few days so…

Anyhow, we bought a 2006, Ford Focus Kombi, 1.6 TDi, dark grey in colour.
Here’s a picture of our new car:

It is supposed to be very good with mileage & has a good pickup – so that’s great! Walter likes driving it. i haven’t driven it much yet – only 1x test drive for like 10mins or less. Tuesday i’ll be helping a friend to pick up her daughter from her in-laws so that will be the real test for me 😉 My biggest worry of cos is not driving it, but parking it, especially parallel parking – urgghh!

Oh for those of u who know me well, u know how i love dogs – i’m very happy to be dog-sitting for our upstairs neighbour while they are away for a short trip to Austria – so Snowy is with us for 5x days!! Here’s a picture of Tobias, trying to make Snowy comfortable after a tiring day of running around with the kids at church:

i’ll post some of our Scotland holiday picts in my next post – hopefully that will be soon.

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