William Tell Overture for Moms…

(UPDATE: As of 30th Sept, this video is no longer available – sob!sob! – copyright issues.)

A mum posted this on my Expat mums chat group – have a look – great fun! Just make sure u don’t have screaming kids running around u or u won’t catch the words – click Play, listen hard & laugh even harder after 😉

Here’s a little about the video:
A mom (Anita Renfroe) has condensed everything a mom might say to her kids in 24 hours into less than 3 minutes – to the tune of the William Tell Overture.

Oh by the way, she is also a Christian writer – check out her website. i’ve never heard of her before this so can’t recommend her – but found it interesting – anyone knows/heard about her before this? Please share if u have.


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