Ski Weekend – 27th – 28th Jan 2007

So we were on Hasliberg, Meiringen, Switzerland over the past weekend – Walter’s company annual ski weekend.

There was snow but not a whole lot – just enough to ski/snowboard. However, my darling hubby still had his fun on his snowboard for 2x whole days. Tobias & myself spent Sat trying out skis – for all of 20mins!! & then the afternoon was spent trying to get Tobias to take a nap back at the hotel. He had gone to sleep really late on Friday night & had woken up really early so not enough sleep. He fell asleep half-way through his lunch. So we took him down in the cable car but he woke up by the time we got to the bottom – so that was only a 30min catnap. So after trying very unsuccessfully  to get Tobias to nap, we got dressed & went for a walk. When Walter got back from snowboarding, we all went for a little dip in the whirlpool at the hotel before dinner. Tobias had so much fun with the lots & lots of bubbles when the whirlpool was on. Tobias also had lots of fun playing with the other kids who were there.

Here’s a video of Tobias on skis (i hope the link works):

Oh a slightly scary incident happened at the whirlpool. Tobias was so excited to see the pool that he rushed in without waiting for me & since it was just a small pool, i let him. But i hadn’t realised that the center of the whirlpool was deeper that his height (never been in whirlpool myself – yeh, mountain tortoise – i know!). Anyhow, he sunk in, another mum & myself (both out of the pool) had to rush to lean in & pull him out. But he was just fine – coughed a little & then was more than ready to go again – this time i made him go in his float.

On Sunday, we just went sledging cos Tobias as he was getting into the car said,”No skiing, sledging!” So it was decided. We had fun after getting the hang of the wooden sledge we had rented. (We normally use our plastic one). However, by about the halfway through the 2nd run down, the snow was melting & there were parts that had exposed road surface – not fun at all! So we only did 3x runs but that took most of the time cos we had to queue a long time to get on the cable car to go back to the top again.

So we came home on Sunday evening, completely pooped.
All in all we are really happy that Tobias enjoyed skiing, even if it’s just for a short while.


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