Tobias’ 1st Official “Fight”…

This is big news!! Why? Cos this is the 1st ‘fight’ which an official caregiver told me about. Other so-called ‘fights’ i was there to mediate.
So what happened? According to his carer at daycare & from what little Swiss-German i understood, Tobias was playing with a toy & then had left it to go get another. Another little boy came & took the 1st toy. Tobias went & snatched it back from the boy. The boy then tried to hit him & ended up scratching Tobias’ face. NO No nothing serious – just a couple of marks on his right cheek. See picture below.

Of cos, i scolded him for snatching after hearing about it. But he had already forgotten the incident. i asked if he was given a timeout – she said they were both made to sit down & talked to & then they played together a little later – so all is well – no hard feelings.

Walter is of cos proud of his son – not that he agrees with fighting – let me explain. Up to now, Tobias has generally let other kids just take the toy that he is playing with – no resistance at all. So now he’s learning to stand up for himself. i agree to some extend but can’t say i’m comfortable with him starting to ‘snatch’ & ‘fight’.

Sigh – the worries of a mummy.

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