Dry pants…

When i picked up Tobias from daycare this afternoon, he was wearing the same pants as when i dropped him off – which means… he didn’t wet his pants – Yippy!! 🙂
In the last couple of weeks, he had wet his pants at least once each time he was there. He was doing fine at the beginning of Oct when he started there. i’m not sure what happened. Maybe he decided that they didn’t understand him & so didn’t want to tell them. He still didn’t tell them but they managed to take him when they said him jumping around. Now i pray that he will start telling him … actually come to think of it – i ask him most of the time & then he replies he wants to go – maybe i should stop asking him at home too. But i only ever ask him when we are washing his hands or in the morning & before going out. Sigh!
They are really nice about it at the Krippe (daycare) & reassure me that he will soon get the hang of it. Of cos, in their opinion he is really young to be toilet-trained.

Just a little thing to celebrate!

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