Lost the boy …

Well, i had a scare yesterday. i lost Tobias for like the whole of 5mins. Oh, how my heart raced for that 5mins!!!
We were at a Migros restaurant – going to have lunch – we go there at least once a week so he is familiar with the place. There is a small play area with a ride-on airplane which he loves. i’ve left him there to play while i go get food. (oh if my mother knew, she would kill me for leaving him like that!) i’ve done this before as he won’t leave the play to come buy food with me & the place is too crowded to push him in the stroller & buy food at the same time. He normally just stays there & is quite happily playing. But this time i felt something was wrong – so i looked back from where i was queuing for the food. He wasn’t there! So i quickly left my tray there & went looking for him. He wasn’t playing nearby or in the shops next to the restaurant. A lady saw me looking & said she saw a little boy in the toilet – i rush there – he’s not there! Rush out again – looking high & low – one of the staff there saw me looking, asked if i was looking for my kid. She ran around with me to look for him – & we found him further in the restaurant in an area where they had a little ramp. i rushed to pick him up – not knowing whether to scold him or hug him to bits! SIGH!
i’m definitely not trusting him to stay put – the next time he comes with me whether he likes it or not!

This isn’t the 1st time we’ve lost him – but it is the 1st time in a public place & i was alone. There have been many times in church – when we had to look for him – but we knew he was somewhere in church.

i remember the 1st time i lost him at church – like really lost him – nowhere to be found in church. panic. Finally after some running after people who were leaving church, we learnt that one of our friends had taken him to another churchmate’s house as all of us were planning to go there for lunch. i rang his mobile & scolded him for taking Tobias without telling me – he had assumed that when i asked him to watch Tobias, he could take Tobias with him. Again i was without my hubby.

Speaking of hubby, he’s due to leave again for the US next week – SIGH!


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