A Beautiful Day At Ballenberg

Tuesday, 15th August 2006 – was a perfect summer day!
It was clear blue skies with the nice warm sun shining – but it wasn’t too hot – in short – Perfect!
We (Tobi & me) went with Papi & Nana (Ian & Jill) to the Ballenberg Openair Museum. This is where some old buildings of Switzerland have been preserved. They actually moved the original buildings to this one location. It was really interesting to see these building as well as the old craftwork/skills that were on display (they had trained professionals doing stuff like Saddlery & Weaving). We all had such a good time!

Here are some photos:
Here’s one of Tobias standing with the chickens – which he later chased around the building.

Here’s one of Tobias feeding the rabbits.

Here is a pic of Tobias snatching back his yellow bag from the donkey (with the help of Mummy & Nana) which tried to eat it.
Tobias was really excited to come so near to the donkey & was even going to pat the donkey till it tried to eat his bag. After that, Tobias kept saying,”No donkey today!”

Here’s Tobias sharing an ice cream with Nana, while Papi has his coffee.

i will always look back on this day with fond memories.

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