Tobias & the Telephone

Tobias has discovered what’s it like to talk on the phone. Well, he doesn’t actually talk to anyone, or want to talk to anyone. He just picks up the phone says:”Hallo! hmmm… ok. Bye!” & puts it down again. Some times he pretends he is talking to one of our (mummy’s & daddy’s) friends, “Hallo! Auntie/Uncle So&So. i playing with toy. Bye!” But when i put him on the phone to talk to his grandparents, not a word, only,”Don’t want. Done!” & then he smiles & then runs away – sigh!

i was trying to take of picture of him talking on the phone but he saw me & ran towards me, thus the picture above is as it is. April 2006.

Oh & his condition as reported on March 25th is now better – it seems to have cleared up & he’s not longer showing signs of pain – so Thank God!

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