1st entry from Singapore

So it has been about 2 weeks since our last entry – what has happened since??
Well, we landed safety in Singapore – to nice (or not so nice, depending on your point of view) hot & humid weather. We were told it was mild the day we landed so that was good. To date i think there hasn’t been much rain – we’ve only encountered a couple days of rain & even then it was just for an hour or two.
So what have we been doing since we landed? – Getting used to the weather & the hustle & bustle of the Singapore life – people always seem to be going places & doing stuff. We relaxed & spent time with family & friends. Lived the last 2 weeks at my in-laws place, which is just a 5min walk to the beach – miss the sea & beach so much – it was good.
Tobi took a much longer time to adjust to the time zone & weather here this time round – so it was a week of cranky baby & tough time getting him to sleep at night. But all better now!!
Tobi’s fav phrase whenever we go out is :”Sit taxi?” – mainly cos that’s how we’ve been travelling around the island. The buses are a major problem, especially if one has to manage on one’s own, with stroller, bag & toddler! This baby-unfriendliness is something that needs to be looked into. So cabbing has been the way to go. We have done the MRT (for non-singaporeans, that’s the Mass Rapid Transit – which is the similiar to the London Undergroud, except much simpler) a couple of times & a bus. Aiming to travel more by trains & buses now that we’ve moved to my mum’s which has a train station nearby.
Another thing we had to get used to was a new pastor at our home church here – he’s not completely new to us (or at least to me – i’ve heard only good things about him from members of his previous parish). He has also been in the ministry a long time now – serving in 2 other churhces before this one. i have’t yet heard his sermon (was at Little Lights – children’s church – the last 2 weeks) but i hear from Walt that he is good & funny too. It felt strange to not see that familiar face at the front but i guess that’s the way things are – change is the only constant!
i think that’s it for now. There may be more daily details in the next entry as i now have access to a computer all the time, which has an english keyboard, set to english.(the last 2 weeks was with only limited access to a computer with a german keyboard, set to english – so it was too confusing to type long stuff on.)

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