Here’s our 1st blog photo …

Tobias – photo taken Oct 2005.

This is my 1st entry … sandra’s 1st entry … what does one say on a blog? Well, let’s see …
Here’s what a typical day in the Yoongz household is like… (from my POV)

Mummy (that’s me) wakes up before the boys so that she can get some decent time to get ready to face the day. Then the dishes are put away & breakfast is prepared. Tobi gets up. Daddy gets up as well. Daddy gets ready for work. Tobi gets changed & has breakfast with Mummy while watching a video of his choice (these days it is mostly Dumbo or Anime). Daddy has breakfast & goes off to work.

Breakfast is over. Tobi plays by himself while Mummy tries to get some housework done. Some days Tobi follows Mummy around, copying what she does & says. Then we get ready to go to the supermarket. Tobi is really great at this part now – he’ll run to the shoerack, take his shoes & socks & sits down (or trys to climb onto the stool) & waits for Mummy to put them on for him.

On the way to the supermarket, we pass the train tracks in hopes of watching the train go by – Tobi loves to watch the train(usually we do see the train). While at the supermarket, Tobi normally persistently asks,”Hold. Hold. Hold,pls!” – he likes to be useful & wants to hold something.

We get home, put away the groceries, Mummy prepares lunch. Tobi & Mummy have lunch. Then it’s playtime for Tobi & Mummy. Then comes Tobi’s fav time – Bathtime. His thing now is to blow bubbles into the bathwater. After which, Tobi takes his afternoon nap while Mummy does a bit more housework & gets some time online.

When Tobi wakes, it’s teatime. Then a bit of TV Time. Then Mummy gets dinner together while Tobi plays.

Daddy gets home for playtime with Tobi. Mummy puts dinner on the table. Everyone eats. Daddy has more playtime with Tobi while Mummy cleans up & gets a bit more online time.

Mummy gets Tobi ready for bed. Then Daddy kisses him goodnite. Mummy reads him a story. Most nites Tobi lays in his bed, talks to himself till he falls asleep.

Mummy & Daddy have their time.

Well, that’s a day in the lives of the Yoongz – not super exciting but full & happy.
That concludes my 1st Blog entry.

Our first post …..

Wow … so here we are starting a new adventure in blogspace. We figured that since so many of our friends have blogs already the new year looked like a good time as any to start a journal of our own. (better late than never and all of that!) And with so many of our friends spread out across the globe this seems like a good way to keep them updated about what is happening with us as well.

SO … this journal will be an attempt to chronicle the happenings in and around the Yoongz. We don’t know how regularly we will update these pages or even how long we will be able to keep this going … but while it is going we will try to give you a glimpse into the misadventures of a Singaporean family trying to find their way in Switzerland.

Enjoy and thanks for staying with us!