1st entry from Singapore

So it has been about 2 weeks since our last entry – what has happened since??
Well, we landed safety in Singapore – to nice (or not so nice, depending on your point of view) hot & humid weather. We were told it was mild the day we landed so that was good. To date i think there hasn’t been much rain – we’ve only encountered a couple days of rain & even then it was just for an hour or two.
So what have we been doing since we landed? – Getting used to the weather & the hustle & bustle of the Singapore life – people always seem to be going places & doing stuff. We relaxed & spent time with family & friends. Lived the last 2 weeks at my in-laws place, which is just a 5min walk to the beach – miss the sea & beach so much – it was good.
Tobi took a much longer time to adjust to the time zone & weather here this time round – so it was a week of cranky baby & tough time getting him to sleep at night. But all better now!!
Tobi’s fav phrase whenever we go out is :”Sit taxi?” – mainly cos that’s how we’ve been travelling around the island. The buses are a major problem, especially if one has to manage on one’s own, with stroller, bag & toddler! This baby-unfriendliness is something that needs to be looked into. So cabbing has been the way to go. We have done the MRT (for non-singaporeans, that’s the Mass Rapid Transit – which is the similiar to the London Undergroud, except much simpler) a couple of times & a bus. Aiming to travel more by trains & buses now that we’ve moved to my mum’s which has a train station nearby.
Another thing we had to get used to was a new pastor at our home church here – he’s not completely new to us (or at least to me – i’ve heard only good things about him from members of his previous parish). He has also been in the ministry a long time now – serving in 2 other churhces before this one. i have’t yet heard his sermon (was at Little Lights – children’s church – the last 2 weeks) but i hear from Walt that he is good & funny too. It felt strange to not see that familiar face at the front but i guess that’s the way things are – change is the only constant!
i think that’s it for now. There may be more daily details in the next entry as i now have access to a computer all the time, which has an english keyboard, set to english.(the last 2 weeks was with only limited access to a computer with a german keyboard, set to english – so it was too confusing to type long stuff on.)

In 12 hours 35 mins we fly

Tomorrow at 1215, if all is on time, we takeoff from Zurich Airport & head towards Singapore – the little island where we (at least 2 of the 3 of us) were born.

Tobias has flown so many times in his little life – i think definitely more times than me before i came to Switzerland. Each flight with him has been so different – he grows & changes all the time.

Tobi’s 1st Flight
He was about 10weeks old – of cos we were so nervous, wondering if he would be ok on such a long flight (12hours), wondering if we would get any sleep, wondering if he would cry the whole time … etc … BUT as it turned out it was the easiest flight to date!! He was really wide awake during the 1st few hours, listening to the airplane sounds & stared at the ‘no-smoking’ light above his bassinet for quite a while. But he eventually he got tired & was walked to sleep & went on to keep pretty much to his feed & sleep pattern for most of the flight. & of cos he stayed in his bassinet or in our arms all the time.

Tomorrow’s flight would be Tobi’s 15th flight (i think i counted correctly)of his life of 20 months! & he has flown to 4 different countries!

i think it became a lot more work to fly with him when he started to walk & then he wanted to walk up & down the plane. But i must say he flies really well, compared to a few other kids i have seen & the horror stories i have heard.

The most difficult flight to date would be the one at the end of last year to London & back. The timing was just at his nap-time & i thot great he would sleep on flight – but no, the flights (both there & back) were delayed & so he got overtired running around the waiting area & then did not want to sleep & was screaming to walk around, which of cos was a no-no on a budget airline flight (no room at all!).

Well, people say it gets better from here on, as kids start to be interested in more than walking & can be reasoned with to a certain extend – let’s pray so!

Next post would be from Singapore.

The Weekend on the Mountains

So last weekend (27th – 29th Jan) was the company ski weekend. It was also the 1st weekend which Walter & myself have to ourselves – without baby. So how did it go?? Well, good – i think.

Tobias spent Friday night, Saturday & Sunday with the Bachmanns & their 2 little gals, Samantha & Naomi. He loved it! He only asked for us the 1x time when Naomi would not let him play with a toy. & when we went to pick him up Sunday evening, he ran to the door, called out to us, gave us a hug & off he went to play. It was like we were only gone for a few hours to him. Narinda & Pascal both said he was a really good boy the whole time.

& what did we do while our darling son was playing with the Bachmanns? Well, we hit the slopes! Walter went snowboarding & i skiing. Actually, i took ski lessons for the 1st morning. Then more practice by myself in the afternoon. Evening was dinner with the company & then various people stayed to drink till late (or early in the morning – depending on how you want to look at it). Sunday morning was more slope-time for Walter – i planned to go walking on the mountain but a jammed cable car changed my plans & i spend most of the time riding the chairlifts & cable cars to get to another part of the mountain. Then lunch & then drive back.

How was it like to be without baby for so long? Well, to begin with when we got to our hotel room, i looked around & thot:”We should have brought him with us.” The room was nice & big, with space for an extra bed (cot). Then i found out that everyone else had brought their babies & kids with them this year. (Last year only 1 or 2 families brought their babies.) So again i felt maybe we should have brought him. & then on the slopes there was a nice kiddies area. So once again i felt maybe he should have been there. But at the end of Saturday night, i was beginning to feel that this time without baby, just the 2 of us, was good for us, individually & as a couple. So in short it started with apprehension & ended with a relaxing & refreshing time.

Of cos, i suffered muscle aches for 2 days now – only today it’s better.
Below are pictures of where we went (Flims, Laax area), click here to find out more about the resort area:

Flims Dorf (Flims Village)

View from the mountain top (almost top)

It’s beautiful…you’ll have to come see it for yourself!

PS: Mood has to do with me trying to watch Analyze This! & type at the same time.