Goodies at LiL Christmas Market… Angel Crafts Shop…

On Saturday, 13th December 2014, which is in 2 days, Angel Crafts Shop will be at its very first Christmas Market! So excited!

Yep, i am bringing my wares to a fair! It’s a big thing for me and i wanna celebrate.

So i have goodies for you at my stand during this event!

And here are what they are:



Now that the goodies have been laid before you, come on down and see me at the LiL Christmas Market 2014! We start bright and early at 9am and will be there till 5pm. It’s at the Sentitreff, Baselstrasse 21, Luzern, Switzerland!

There is a wonderful program filled with fun activities – check it out here.

See ya there!


NEW… Christmas Ornaments… Angel Crafts Shop…

There are brand new items in Angel Crafts Shop!

Christmas Ornaments! 

i learnt about this type of handmade Christmas Ornaments a few years back and have always loved the way they look. The plus is that no glue is used at all!

Check them out:

20141121a_CB_hollygreenleaves_redheartsgreenR 20141121c_CB_greenredtraditional_whitegreenR 20141124d_CB_pinkdotsflowers_pinkblueR 20141125b_CB_yellowbrown_orangeyellowR 20141125e_CB_batikblue_bluegoldR

So what do you think of them?

Click on the pictures above to be taken to the item’s details page. You can see more of the Christmas Ornament Collection at the shop.

Please note that shipping for international orders and Europe orders (outside of Switzerland) may not be in time for Christmas. But you can of course use these ornaments all year round 😉

Oh… and remember we still have a few days on that Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer – use code “mybday2014”. Happy Shopping!


It’s My Birthday!… Angel Crafts Shop…

Yep… this was the day all that many years ago when i came screaming into this world 😉

i’m not going to tell you which year i was born – let’s just say this year i hit double digits and they are fat digits! :p

mybday2014Here’s the celebration treat – you – yes YOU – get to Buy 2 Get 1 Free when you shop at Angel Crafts Shop for the next week!

Use the code “mybday2014” to get this offer!!

It’s only for a week, ends 10th December 2014 at 11pm (CET). So hurry!

Happy Shopping!