It’s Snowing! It’s Snowing!…

This year the snow is soooo very late – it arrived just 7 days before Christmas!
We suffered cold winds & rains for a fair number of weeks, which ended in a big storm on Friday with 50km/h winds.
Then at last, the snow came on Sat & has been coming down since then… today is the 4th day of snowfall…
i’mΒ ecstaticΒ as is Tobias! πŸ˜‰

Here’s a picture from Saturday’s snowfall:

Here’s one from yesterday (3rd day):

Today it snowed steadily from the wee hours of the morning till about a half hour ago. So i would say we have had a good 6 to 8 inches of snow πŸ˜€ – the kids are absolutely loving it – having snowball fights along the way to school & of cos at break time in school. It made Tobias & a few others late for school yesterday – the teacher let them off with a warning this time, next time they get a strike against their names.

While we suffered the rain storms before the lovely snow came, Tobias & myself went & made candles in the old hospital by the river in town. Tobias fell in love with candle making after he got to make one with our friends who live in Fribough. So this year he really wanted to go make more. But school timetables did not allow us to go to there again & make them with our friends there. Instead we made them here… which i feel is much better – not so crowded here as it’s not in such an open place like in Fribough.

Have a look at our works of wax πŸ˜‰

Tobias made the greenish ones on the left & i made the other two. We sent 2 of these to Singapore, one to each set of grandparents. Hope they will like it.

May the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ brighten this Christmas season for you & May His Light shine on your path in the coming year.

PS: i sit here writing this blog, listening to the song, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” – it certainly does look that way πŸ˜€

Daddy Moments…

…this is one of those…

Look at the seriousness with which they are tackling the task of building their very first model plane together πŸ˜‰

My dad – Tobias' granddad – had bought a couple of model plane kits for him cos my brother had a few and Tobias would like one too. The plan had been that my dad would build it with Tobias while we were in Singapore. However, as it turned out, between our many appointments and my dad working, there wasn't time. But it was decided that it was better this way cos that made them easier to carry home, instead of having to fear them breaking while en route, we simply packed them in their boxes into our suitcases.

The basic body of the plane has been finished but they are still adding little bits (decals) here and there so there is not yet a completed plane to be photographed. But they enjoyed working on it greatly.

I could have done it with him too – making it a mummy/son project. But I know I'm just not as good and I wasn't sure about which decals went where – the instructions were not exact on this point.

There was another reason why this became a daddy/son project – it just seemed like a father/son thing – don't you think so? This always makes me wonder about the question of how little boys wanna be like their daddy and little girls like their mummy. Is it genetics or more than that?

Even though Tobias spends more time with me, (just because daddy works away from home a fair bit), he still loves and sometimes even prefers to spend time with his daddy. He likes a lot of the same things which daddy likes. He is a daddy's boy πŸ™‚


Oh my – i forgot to blog about Father’s Day…

So Father’s Day was 2 weekends ago & i completely forgot to show off what we did this year.
This year’s Father’s Gift (all the kids in church got to make this too) is inspired by Nino, over at Cease Cows, Life is Short. She made Candy Bouquets for her gals’ teacher’s end-of-year gifts – so i follow suit & we made Sweet Bouquets for the dads.

Here’s the sample i made up for the kids to follow (not as full with sweets as it should be but we do have 30 kids & limited budget – so i had to settle for 1 Sweet for Dad & 1 sweet for the kid):

Here’s the one which Tobias made for Daddy – Tobias waited patiently till we got home & Daddy took his sweet before having his own πŸ˜‰

Dads have a most special place in my heart – My Dad is My Hero, My Inspiration!
My husband is my son’s Hero as well – they simply love each other to bits & i simply love watching them love each other.
My hubby is My Strength & i Thank God daily for him.