Still Saying Goodbye to My Beloved Father

This is the second post in my series dedicated to the memory of my Dad who has always been so central in my life.

Here is the second eulogy I gave during that second evening service of the wake:

This evening I would like to share some precious memories with you.

I remember:
We watched lots of Cantonese period series together – that’s where I learned Cantonese from. We used to be regulars at the video rental shop.

I remember:
He bought me various different cameras over the years and we would look at the photos we took together, discussing what makes a good photo. Because of his influence, I chose to specialise in photography for my diploma.

I remember:
He would talk about various significant historical events with me. He loved history and we would watch historical films together.

I remember:
He would take us across the whole island to get the best foods. Unfortunately, lots of these places are no longer there. He was a great cook, my mum is a fabulous cook. Many of you have tasted their wonderful cooking and most will remember his famous pork chops. Together, my dad and mum taught to cook, starting with frying the perfect sunny-side-up eggs.

I remember:
The underwater world was his paradise. Jacques Cousteau documentaries were a big part of my childhood. And as a family, we spent much time at beaches and pools.

I hope you would recall fondly the times you spent with my dad.

I remember so much more; his corny-Dad jokes, his love of thick, black coffee, his hidden talent for drawing. My earliest memory was of him standing tall like a tree and letting me climb up over him. Being a diver, we were taught to swim at a very young age and I was literally taken to the deep end and told to swim towards him. I absolutely love being in the water till this day.

I remember how he would teach me about things that were considered “boy-stuff”; remote-control cars, planes, climbing trees, and watching WWF. The one thing he believed in was that I should be able to take care of myself, especially as a girl. So he showed me how to punch, how to defend myself. He also trained me to know when I am at my limit with alcohol so I would not be taken advantage of.

I remember how he would always point out all the landmarks as he drove us from place to place. It gave me a good sense of direction and developed my love for driving and cars. I remember how much he loved the colour red and painted all the bedroom doors a bright red.

I remember, most of all, his sense of fun and zest for life.

We miss you, Daddy.


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