Book Review: This Book is Upside Down by Erin R. Wage, Illustrations by Simona Ceccarelli

Even though I absolutely love picture books, I don’t normally review them. But this one I have a personal connection to; I know the illustrator, the wonderfully charming and accomplished, Simona Ceccarelli.

Of course, every good book starts with a brilliant story and Erin R. Wage has written a great one, thisbkisupsidedown20200401that looks at, literally, both sides of the story. The cherry on top of this delightful book is the beautiful illustrations. I love how Penelope Giraffe’s neck is as expressive as her face and I must mention how fabulous Gus Penguin looks in his bright Hawaiian shirt.

Your pre-schooler will have so much fun with this book as you both try to help Penelope and Gus decide which side is up. This is one storytime where the thing which is not staying still is the book itself.

I love how interactive this book is. If you have a toddler who likes animals and loves to find out THE answer, you have to get this book.

Happy Reading!


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