Book Review: The Truth About Celia Frost… by Paula Rawsthorne…

This is another one of those long-time-coming book reviews. i read this book many months ago and i have been putting off writing this review. Not because it is not a good book, but simply because i didn’t find the time to review it and i was feeling a bit unsure about writing a review for a book that’s really meant for middle graders. The question in my head was; should i review it from the POV of a middle grader or from the perspective of an adult or as a parent? i finally decided i will review it just as me, because i can’t be anyone else… silly, wasn’t i, to complicate things like that? Hahaha…

So on with the review.

514trybfppl-_sx325_bo1204203200_i like this book. i don’t say super like because it’s a good book, just not one i would re-read anytime soon, mainly because i am not the target audience.

Celia Frost is a young girl who has led a weird life so far. She has been told by her mother that she has this strange blood disorder which can be life threatening. Her mother tells that to all the schools she has been at but has never brought her to the doctors, as far as Celia can remember. She can’t do the things normal kids does because her mother won’t let her, telling her that if she got even a small cut, she could bleed to death. So it’s a lonely life for Celia.

Celia gets teased a lot about her disorder. And one day she decides to fight back against the school bully. In the struggle, she is cut. Then her mother packs them up immediately and moves away. They have moved often before, but never at such short notice. Celia says goodbye to the only friend she has, a little old lady who is their neighbour.

At their new place, which is some faceless complex of flats, Celia meets a boy, whose brothers are tough but protective, and whose mother is loving and warm; a family Celia always longed for. They start spending time together and Celia feels that she is finally living a little. Celia starts to question her mother’s strange behaviour and even her own disorder.

A private investigator is hired by a mysterious lady and Celia gets kidnapped. But he is a PI with a heart, even he didn’t know he had that, and Celia is rescued. Her mother finally tells the truth and it is more surprising than one would imagine.

This is a good first thriller mystery book for middle graders. The story is engaging and fast paced. The characters are familiar and easy to relate to. The language is at the right level for middle graders. i would recommend this for a keen reader who likes some mystery and tension in their stories.


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