Orphan of the Month for May and June… Angel Crafts Shop…

i am sad to report that there have been no sales in the months of March and April so my Orphan of the Month for those 2 months, TIMON, did not get anything added to his adoption grant. However, i am happy to say that Reece’s Rainbow, where his grant is being held, has just changed their grant policy with regards to older children (10 and above), which means TIMON is now eligible for a US$10,000 grant once a family commits to him and is successful in their application for a FSP (Family Sponorship Page). So that’s great news for TIMON. Please continue to pray for TIMON and for a family for him. Please also continue to share his need for a loving family. Thank you.

Now onto the Orphan of the Month for May and June!


He is such a sweetheart! He has hydrocephalus but his mental development is normal as is his gross and fine motor skills. However, his language skills are not quite up to par with his peers. He can understand all directions from adults and can express himself well through words and body language. He is a caring boy who is curious and helpful. He gets along well with other children and has a good memory.

DENNY sounds like a wonderful little boy who simply needs a caring family to show him the way forwards. He will be 10 in August and that puts him in the older boy category in adoption terms, coupled with his medical condition, that is considered 3 strikes against him getting adopted within his home country. So an international adoption may be the way for him to have a family.

His adoption grant with Reece’s Rainbow at the moment is at zero! i am asking for your help to help change that; to zero the zero, as some adoption advocates like to say.

For the months of May and June, when you shop at Angel Crafts Shop, 50% of all sales will go to DENNY‘s adoption grant. So come and start shopping and grow DENNY‘s adoption grant!

You can also share DENNY‘s need for a family and pray for him as well. Click on DENNY‘s name or picture to go to his profile page.

Thank you very much.



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