Book Review: The Divide Trilogy by Elizabeth Kay…

So i have broken my own rule… i read the same author not just twice in a row but thrice! That’s right – me, the one who says she never reads the same author consecutively, has read a whole trilogy from beginning to end, non-stop!

Now why did i do that? Because some time ago i was in a bookshop and asked my son to pick a trilogy he would like to read. He chose this one. At that time, he was a little young to read this. But now that he’s grown up (lots). i thought i do a quick read of the first book and then let him crack on with the series.

But as it turns out, i liked the first book, The Divide, enough to want to read the second, and the second one hooked me enough, that i decided i should finish the series. Then i was on a reading race with my boy. i was halfway through the second book when he started on the first. However, he is a way faster reader than i am and he has more time on his hands so i was in a race to finish before he catches up. And i did… just by the skin of my teeth… a day before he finished the second one.

Now, what is this trilogy about? What is the divide?

Well, the divide simply a place where a body of water divides and goes into 2 different directions. And of course, such places are rare and most definitely needs to be magical 😉

Felix accidentally faints across a divide and is magically transported to a world where humans are regarded as mystical beings and science is the stuff of legends. It is a place very different from our modern world, filled with tangle-people, japegrins, brazzles, one-eyes, brandees, jinx boxes and other magical creatures as well as shadow beasts such as sinistroms, and great things such as magic lamps and flying carpets with personality and many many more. Oh, and maths can be a magical solution too!i love all the wonderful creatures and characters in Kay’s story and the magical system is so well thought out and you learn about it so naturally through her great storytelling.

i love all the wonderful creatures and characters in Kay’s story and the magical system is so well thought out and you learn about it so naturally through her great storytelling.

It is also very satisfying to see Felix grow and change throughout his journey between worlds, from a sickly timid child to a brave leader. Betony, his, at first reluctant, tangle-friend, also learns much about her own world as well as Felix’s world. She goes from being an unhappy tangle-child to a girl who knows exactly what she wants, even if it is completely different from what is expected of her. They take the adventure head on and save both worlds on more than one occasion from certain disaster. And they do so, not because they are super smart or amazingly brave, but because they are willing to just go the distance and value each other’s friendship.

i think it is also a small social commentary (whether she intended it or not) on how technological progress isn’t always good, or at least, it is not good for all aspects of society and all peoples/creatures.

This trilogy is a great middle-grade fantasy adventure series for 10 and up. But it is also a series which adults, looking for a fun read, can enjoy too.

Have you read this series? If yes, what did you think?


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