Year End Sale 2015… Angel Crafts Shop…

2015 is coming to a close… it has been an eventful year for me and i would like to send the year off with a bang so i’m having a 50% Sale on many items in Angel Crafts Shop.

yearendsale2015Simply go to Angel Crafts Shop and you will see all the items on sale are indicated with the words “On Sale”. There are over 30 items on sale from the following collections: Mistletoes and Holly, Wall Art, Decorative Ornaments, All Hallow’s Eve, The Loom Collection, Fimo Keyrings and Hairbow Holders. Please note that this sale is ONLY on items which are ready-to-ship and NOT custom-made or pre-order items.

So there’s something for everyone.

Come browse and make your purchase while stocks last!

Sale ends 18th January 2016!

i will still be giving 50% of all sales (even on the discounted items) to my Orphan of the Month, Zayne.

Thank you.


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