Orphan of the Month for September… Angel Crafts Shop…

It’s time for a brand new Orphan of the Month on Angel Crafts Shop.

i am so excited to introduce to you LUCINDA!

Lucinda is 11 and has mild Cerebral Palsy. However, her medical condition does not seem to have affected her movements too much. There is a video of her walking and climbing stairs, maybe she has a slight limp. She is an active child who also loves reading, solving puzzles and drawing. She wears glasses – doesn’t she just look adorable in them? – and has some problems with expressive language but still manages to communicate well. There are concerns about some dental issues.

It would seem to me that all her medical needs are minor and very manageable. All she needs now is a loving family who believes in her and who is able to show her all the world has to offer.  However, because of her orphan status and her listed medical condition, she is likely to be overlooked and disregarded in her country’s domestic adoption system. So her chance for a forever family is likely to lie in an expensive international adoption.

This is where you can help. Reece’s Rainbow has opened an adoption grant for her but it is currently at ZERO! i would like to get that to at US$50.00 by the end of September. Help me grow Lucinda‘s adoption grant!

All you have to do is stop by Angel Crafts Shop, make a purchase and 50% of that purchase price goes to Lucinda‘s adoption grant. So come shopping! Remember i do custom orders!

Please click on Lucinda‘s name or picture to find out more about her. Do pray for her daily needs and most of all, for a caring family to step up for her.

Thank you.


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