#CraftsJunkies Link-up Week 47… Angel Crafts Shop…

We are still in the midst of summer rains, which i so wish would stop. i need the warm weather to return, please. Sigh!

Anyhow, my choice of crafts for this week’s #CraftJunkies Link-up is Bag Crafts! Lovely handmade bags of all kinds… i love small bags, big bags, purpose-made bags… i like keeping things organised, so bags are definitely a thing for me.

Here’s my 5 picks for #CraftsJunkies Link-Up Week 47 (please note that these pictures are the copyright of the creators of these crafts, i am simply using them to point you to their wonderful works, click on the pictures to go to the relevant pages):

i simply love the turtle print on this bag!
Such a handy sized bag, not just for make-up, for all those little things which might get lost in your big bag 😉
i just started exploring essential oils and this is such a wonderful find!
The embroidery is what makes this owl bag!
The rainbow colours just screams “i have fun stuff inside of me!” 😉

i usually have a specific bag for a specific purpose, such as my daily little orange sling-bag which goes with me to the supermarket and other small errands, my study bag which i take to the classes i attend, my bigger outing bag for when we are away from home for a whole day… etc…

Do you have a bag which you love and use all the time? If so, would you share a picture of it in the comments below? Thanks.


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