Book Review: One Day by David Nicholls…

i have been thinking how i should write this review. i have some strong feelings while i read this book and i think i might have to reveal a spoiler in order to show you why i had those strong feelings – so here is the official warning: Spoiler Alert!!!

bookreview_oneday20150521i love the concept this book is based on. We get a look at one specific day of the year in the lives of Emma and Dexter, over a span of almost 20 years. And this is how we follow their friendship, the ups and downs of their lives and their relationship with each other. It fascinated me. And that is why i picked up the book.

So the story has us following Emma and Dexter on the day they met, the day they officially graduated from university and are ready, or more like totally unprepared, to face the ‘real’ world. From the very beginning, we sense that they are meant to be. But their own hang-ups are preventing them from getting together.

Each year, we see them on that exact date and we get a glimpse at what they are doing and have been doing, and more importantly how their relationship has progressed or not at all in some years. They both come from very different worlds and it is interesting to see how they view each other’s lives and careers or lack thereof. i was sad to see their falling out and how it affect each of them.

There is a lot of internal monologue as the Nicholls shows us their true thoughts about their situation and their intentions. And about three-quarters through the book, the writer in me kicked in and shouted, “Too much telling, not enough showing!” (see here for explanation about what that means).

Anyhow, my brain said that because these 2 characters have been dancing around each other for years and they still are NOT together! Come on!


And then they did get together! Hurray!

All was good and right in the world now. Of course, they had the usual couples disagreements and tensions. But they worked through them.


Then she dies! In a most unfortunate accident! On her way to meet him to view what was possibly their new home!


How could Nicholls do that? After taking me on such an emotional ride, i thought finally there will be a happy end for these two… sigh!

Of course, i know in real life there are seldom happily ever after. But this is fiction and i am along for the ride, plus real life is difficult as it is, sometimes one hopes for a little escape with the characters of a story such as this one.

After all that, i still do like the story and the premise of the book. The writing is good and i like the way he tells the events of a whole year in a day. It makes for a good summer read.

Have you read this book? Or maybe you have read other books by Nicholls? If yes, would you recommend his other books?


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