Book Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson…

bookreview_girlwithdragontattoo20140929It has been absolutely ages since i posted a book review. You would think i would have read tons during our summer holiday, but in reality when on holiday, visiting family and friends, there is hardly time to simply read cos you’re always meeting someone or having a meal with another, which we love to do. However, that’s why it takes more than a month to finish reading a 554-page novel :p

So onto the review – i like this book a lot!

To be very honest, in the beginning i was a little bored because it seemed as if there is no mystery to solve, no thrilling-action to keep you on the age of your seat. Just a well-known journalist hung out to dry. And Larsson spent lots of time laying out the characters and background so that you would completely understand the significance of what happens later in the story. This took up more than half the book. It got to a point where i kept wondering if maybe the 2 main characters would never truly cross paths.

But once they did, the story started flying off the pages. Then it became a fast-paced thriller and you were definitely rooting for them to get to the bottom of it all.

Aside from being a really good read, it is also a social commentary, making people sit up and think about the issue at hand – in this case, it is violence against women. And i think he did a good job of really making people aware that it does exist, even in the nicest of neighbourhoods and is a crime which can be committed by seemingly “model” citizens.

However, there is one point he didn’t completely tie up neatly with a bow and it has to do with the girl with the dragon tattoo. i think it’s because she carries on in the next 2 books of this trilogy, i do hope the journalist will also make an appearance.

So if you like a good thriller with attention to details, this is the book for you. But be warned there are graphic details of the horrible atrocities.


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