#happyhandmade eighty…

i have missed posting my favourites from #happyhandmade for a while now. Time to get back to it! Since i just shared my own Halloween collection, i thought it would be fun to look at other people’s Halloween collection too.

So without further ado, here are my six favourite items from #happyhandmade eighty (please note that pictures are copyrighted by the creators of the items and i’m using them just to direct you to their shop – click on the pictures to see more):

halloweenheadband halloweenminidish halloween_polkadot_bobbypins halloweenstickerset scooby_doo_shoes spidersoapi know the Scooby shoes are not quite Halloween-y. But everytime i think of Scooby Doo, i picture he and the gang running from some monster. Hhehehee…

We don’t really celebrate Halloween so there are no traditions from our family i can share with you. Besides, i’m a bit of a scaredy mouse, so this is not my kind of thing. But i love all the cute items other crafters have come up with.

Now tell me, do you celebrate Halloween? If yes, what’s your favourite part of Halloween?

Happy Trick & Treating!


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