Orphan of the Month for September – Angel Crafts Shop…

Our orphan of the month for September is CODY!

i normally do not state why i choose a particular orphan – but this boy is special – he has CHD (Congenital Heart Defect). i identify with him in a very small way – i have CHD too. But my condition is mild. His is not. Cody has Tetralogy of Fallot; he has 4 separate heart conditions making his blood very low in oxygen.

His condition should have been corrected at birth but for whatever reason, he became an orphan and did not get surgery till just 8 months ago (the day he had surgery happened to be my birthday). He is less active than a little 7 year old should be but he is still all boy – swinging, sliding and playing with toys. He is friendly and enjoys being with his teachers and playing with his friends.

Cody needs a family to take care of him, not just his medical needs but also to show him how to live life to the fullest, to show him how unconditional love can truly heal, wholly.

He has an adoption grant with Reece Rainbow, which at the moment is less than US$5. We hope to be able to raise Cody‘s grant to at least double digits during the month of September. Please help us help him grow his grant. 50% of every purchase on Angel Crafts Shop goes to Cody‘s adoption grant.

Click on his name or picture to find out more about Cody and watch a couple of videos of him. Please do SHARE his story so more can help. Do PRAY for his well-being and for his forever family to come forward for him.

Thank you so very much.


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