Orphan of the Month of August – Angel Crafts Shop…

So Lolita was our Orphan of July BUT we have made no sales in July, in part due to our annual holiday, therefore Lolita will stay on as our Orphan of August!

So… MEET LOLITA… again!

Lolita is 5.5 years old and has a repaired heart condition. She is diagnosed with Brain Dysplasia, also known as Cortical Dysplasia, which affects the top layer of the brain. Before arriving at the orphanage, she had a family but for some reason when she was 4, they were no longer able to care for her and left her at the orphanage.

Although she is reserved, she gets along well with her carers. Lolita can feed herself and use the bathroom independently. Even though her language is said to be delayed, she is curious and observant. She needs a loving family to help her reach her full potential.

Her grant with Reece’s Rainbow is at the moment so very tiny. We would really like to help her grow it more so that when her forever family comes for her, it can truly be a grant which can ease their journey to bringing her home.

Please help grow Lolita‘s adoption grant by making a purchase on Angel Crafts Shop – 50% of all sale prices will to go her grant in July. 

Click on her name or picture to find out more about her. Please do SHARE her story so more can help. And do PRAY for her, her well-being and her forever family to find her.

Thank you so much for your help.


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