Book Review: Raven Queen by Pauline Francis…

i love history and i like historically based novels. Raven Queen is one i would recommend, especially to get teens or middle grade students to show an interest in history.

The writing is simple and easy to understand; no fancy old English, which means it’s a good book for middle grade. But that does not mean the story is thin or uninteresting. On the contrary, it is a beautiful story of love and betray, of power struggles and tragedy.

Lady Jane Grey, often known as the 9-day queen, sat on the throne of England for a mere 9 days. And usually that is all that is said about her in the history books. She was the one who stood in the way of Mary becoming queen, unwillingly.

Through much research, Francis was able to put together a story which allows us an insight into what it means to be born with royal blood, to be trapped because you were born into a particular family and to be forced to take part in what is essentially a coup you do not believe in.

She has, of course, taken some liberties and added a love interest which did not historically exist. But it does not change the essence of Lady Jane Grey’s story. It makes for a more engaging story.

So do you like historical novels? If yes, which ones have you read?


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