Orphan of the Month of June – Angel Crafts Shop…

Meet Mollie!

She is 10 years old and although her file says she has mental delays, reports of her being able to function independently seems to indicate she has no issues in daily life. Her language skills does not seem to be an issue. She is helpful and gets along well with other children. She enjoys toys and music and outdoor activities.

She really needs a loving family to help her reach her full potential. A family who sees what she can do and not what she can not do, a family who values her for who she is, just as she is. We pray and hope that her forever family will find her soon.

AngelCraftsShop would like to help grow Mollie‘s adoption grant which is currently very low. A bigger adoption grant could ease the journey her forever family has to take to reach her. We also hope that through making her our orphan of the month, it would help make more people aware of her needs.

So in the month of June, 50% of all sales from AngelCraftsShop will go to Mollie‘s adoption grant, held at Reece’s Rainbow.

We look forward to your help, through your purchases, to grow Mollie‘s adoption grant. Please do SHARE her story and PRAY for her. Thank you.


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