Cards and Bookmarks…

… that’s what we are selling to help raise funds for Jasper (Asia) over this Christmas season. (See the left column.)

There are some lovely handmade (stamped/painted) cards which are made by a wonderful friend who donated them to this cause. They are Thank You Cards and are super for kids to send their ‘thank-you’s for those upcoming Christmas presents.

We also have some unique Wooden Bookmarks. These are bookmarks made from real wood with interesting die-cuts images and words craved into them; they are Bookworm, Favourite, Break and Thriller. These would make a great stocking-filler or a small gift for an avid reader.

Going along with the wood selection, there are beautiful Wooden Christmas Cards to be had. 2 of the designs feature wooden ornaments which can be popped out from the card itself. These are very unique and would make a Christmas greeting to remember.

So if you are interested to buy, simply make payment into Jasper‘s adoption grant (click on his name), email me at sandra_chia(at)hotmail(dot)com the proof of payment (i have no access to see who gives to the grant – privacy issues, only the person in charge of the grants), along with your address and i will send that item out to you as soon as i see that email.

If it is easier for you to access Facebook, i also have the album here.

I would also greatly appreciate it if you would share this post with all your family and friends so that more can help. More people seeing this and sharing this also means more exposure for Jasper which means higher chances of his forever family finding him.

Thank you so much.


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