Book Review: The Magic Thief Trilogy by Sarah Prineas…

magicthief01_20130526a magicthief02_20130526b magicthief03_20130526ci have been waiting to write this review since i finished the last book, The Magic Thief Found, a couple of weeks ago. But things piled up and life got busy… anyhow, back to the books.

This trilogy consists of The Magic Thief, The Magic Thief Lost and The Magic Thief Found. i had bought The Magic Thief Found because the back of book blurb grabbed my attention and i liked the premise for the magic in the book. Then i found out it was a part of a trilogy so i waited till i got all 3 books before i started reading.

i read The Magic Thief and really enjoyed it, but i felt that it was really a stand-alone story and i didn’t feel drawn to carry on reading the second book immediately so i left it for a few months. Then i started reading The Magic Thief Lost about 6 weeks ago. I was so taken with the story i went on to read The Magic Thief Found immediately. Which for me is an unusual thing to do. If you have read my review of Inkheart, you would already know that i rarely read the same author consecutively.

i’m going to try not to reveal key plot points here so i’m going to be very vague about the storyline and plot. What i will do is tell you aspects of the whole trilogy which i did enjoy.

i loved Prineas’ idea of where magic comes from. i enjoyed her easy-to-read writing style and i was rooting for Conn, the main character, at every turn. Conn is the typical streetwise pickpocket urchin who, one night, picks the wrong pocket. He could have been killed but he wasn’t and thus begins his adventures as the apprentice of Nevery, the magician. His uncanny ability in magic and his understanding of magic in ways which no one can explain or much appreciate puts him in much danger.

The story pacing was good with humour and twists in the right places. i also like the maps, the recipes, the short descriptions of characters and places, but what i enjoyed doing was deciphering the secret messages throughout the book (usually put in at the end of letters or journal entries of the characters) using the Wellmet Runic Alphabet.

This isn’t written for adults per se, it is placed in the middle-grade category. So your 9+ year-olds and up would enjoy this. However, if you are looking for an easy, yet exciting read, with some fantasy thrown in, i would recommend The Magic Thief Trilogy.


PS: i was searching Amazon for some pictures and came across this. So there is yet another book, Winterling, a spin-off from this trilogy. Maybe i will check it out soon 😉

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