Precious 3 Auction ENDED…

Thank you
Thank you (Photo credit: Avard Woolaver)

Yesterday at 11pm (Swiss time) the Precious 3 Auction closed.

Here’s a short report:

The total amount in bids came up to US$277 for all 38 items!

Thank you very much for taking part and giving generously. If you have a winning bid, you will be informed via Facebook private message with regards to payment and shipment.

The Sharp sisters made beautiful paper-bead bracelets and had 9 of them in this auction. They brought in US$55 which will go directly to bringing Rowyn and Zekiel home.

The rest of the funds will be divide equally between the Sharp Family and Jon&Angela who are bring Jack home.

So the Sharp family will receive a total of US$166 and Jon&Angela will receive US$111.

Once again, thank you for your participating, your liking the page, your sharing the event and most of all your wonderful giving hearts and hands.

We have plans for a few other events to help these 2 families bring their precious ones home. We hope to have your continued support. Do check back for the next events.


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