25 Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier

A little something to ease the Monday blues…

Some of these ideas are simply brilliant! My favourites are:

  • The wrapping paper up against the ceiling. My only problem would be getting them down. i already need a step-ladder to reach the top shelves of my kitchen cupboards. Don’t think i can reach the ceiling even with the step-ladder – sigh! But it is a great idea and makes for a pretty ceiling.
  • The stocking over the vacuum cleaner is another genius idea, especially if you have a little boy who is constantly losing the tiny parts of his toys.
  • The instant cupcake carrier has got to be my absolute fav. i love baking and cupcakes are what i like best. So this one is right up my alley.
  • Another one to do with baking; baking cupcakes into ice cream cones. This, i think i will try for the Son’s upcoming birthday :p
  • The heart-shaped egg is, of course, the sweetest idea of them all 😉
May Your Week Be Filling with Colour and Blessings.

Read about the rest of them in the link below:

25 clever ideas to make life easier.


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