Spring Gardening…


Monday this week was the official start of Spring… my Hydrangeas are cut back, so is the Dahlia (actually i forgot to do that before winter, hope it is ok), the Lavender as well. New little herbs are planted as are some type of rose (i’m not sure what the translation of Stockrosen is). Still thinking about more plantings and of course the veggie patch 😀


Is it Spring already?…


On my calendar, it says it is not officially Spring for another 17 days… but nature has decided otherwise, the snowdrops have arrived 🙂


Spring Glorious Spring…

Spring has sprung! 

We moved into our new place a little over a year ago but with all the teething issues of an old house with new technology, i didn’t really soak in how wonderful it is to have a little patch of green at the back of the house.

Now the wild flowers have come up and my first tulip has opened, i am sooooo loving my garden! But i must qualify that i have done absolutely nothing to the garden since we moved in so it is all Mother Nature’s doing 😉 (that’s due to change as my boy and i are deciding on what plant / flowers / bulbs to plant in one little corner).

So happy i am (think Cheshire Cat) with these beautiful blossoms, i can’t resist sharing some lovely pictures with you. Enjoy!

springglorious20160407a springglorious20160407b springglorious20160407c

PS: i am so rubbish with plant names so if someone could enlighten me with some names of the above flowers, i would be most grateful. They are all wild flowers. Thanks.