More Precious Angels… Angel Tree 2015…

i am so very glad that i have a whole community of advocates who also care a great deal for these children who need a voice to shout out on their behalf, but most of all they are in need of loving caring families who will love them just as they are. We, advocates, try to help each other out as much as possible.

Today i would like to introduce to you 3 more angels who are in need of your support and prayers.

Meet Marv!

Marv is described as a sweet and happy boy who enjoys playing soccer despite vision problems. He is great at maths and is sociable. He has developmental delays and is crossed-eyed. These are medical issues which are easily managed. He really wants a family of his own.

You can help by sharing his story so that his story would go further and eventually reach his forever family. Pray for him too. And help to grow his adoption grant here.

Meet Bryce!

Bryce loves to read and scribble and ride a bike. He enjoys swinging to music and gets along well with others. He has lots of great facial expressions and is loved by everyone. He has Down Syndrome but that is definitely not stopping him.

Please help Bryce find a loving family of his own, share his story, pray for him and grow his adoption grant here.

Meet Adelaide!

Adelaide is a sweet girl who is wheelchair-bound because of several medical conditions. She remains joyful, is communicative and enjoys helping others. She is homeschooled at the orphanage and likes maths and language.

She needs your help to share her story so that her forever family might find her. Do pray for her and help to grow her adoption grant here.

Adelaide‘s Angel Tree Warrior has written a lovely blogpost here.

Thank you so much for caring.

Zane-Zaynei would like to remind you about the fundraisers / awareness campaign i have for Zayne (my Angel Tree Child). Take part in the Blink Blink Birthday Giveaway here. Check out the second-hand books i have for sale here. And purchase from Angel Crafts Shop where 50% of the sales goes to Zayne‘s adoption grant.

You can click on each child’s name or picture to go to their profile page on Reece’s Rainbow. Thank you again.


Orphan of the Month & Christmas Delivery Reminders… Angel Crafts Shop…

i don’t usually do a reminder but i thought since i am going to do the Christmas Delivery Dates reminder and it is a special 2 months of fundraising for Angel Tree, i would do a blog post and put these 2 things together.

Zane-ZayneSo my Orphan of the Month is Zayne. He is also my Angel Tree Child, a special annual fundraiser at Reece’s Rainbow where i pick a child to raise US$1000 for his adoption grant over the months of November and December.

You can read more about him here and on his profile page.

So 50% of all Angel Crafts Shop sales for November and December are going to Zayne. So come shop! Special Christmas Items will be up next week!

And of course, if you want to guarantee your order arrives in time for Christmas, please take note of the dates below. Thank you.


And if you are in the market for used books (English & German) for both adults and kids, or some DVDs for kids, check out my other fundraiser for Zayne here or on Facebook.

Have a lovely weekend!


Sale for Zayne – Angel Tree Child 2015…

So 10 days ago, i wrote about Zayne, my Angel Tree Child for the 2016 Reece’s Rainbow Angel Tree Event.

Now here is my first effort at helping Zayne to grow his adoption grant.

Why would he need an adoption grant? Because in his home country, he is considered cursed and would very unlikely be adopted within his home country. Because an international adoption would be his most likely hope at having a family of his own. Because an international adoption costs a ton of money on the account of the large amount of paperwork and the number of bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

So let’s not allow the question of funds to stand in the way of Zayne getting a family of his own.

i have a dear friend who is very supportive of my advocacy for these precious children. She gave me a bunch of things and told me to sell them and use the money for the orphans. That’s where is these books, DVDs and toys are from.

Please have a browse.

Send me an email (sandra_chia(a)hotmail(dot)com) or comment below with your email address as to which item/s you would like to purchase. i will email you with directions for payment. Please note that there will be no postage charged as this is for charity, i am sponsoring the postage. This is to assure everyone that every cent you give goes directly to Zayne‘s adoption grant (10% goes to Reece’s Rainbow‘s administrative costs).

Thanks so much.