Looking Ahead…

… actually i looked back… just a little… to see where this blog has come in the last couple of years. i also had a quick look at the summary of 2013 which WordPress does for me each year (with┬ávery nice graphics i might add).

And do you know which posts got the most views? Our All from Asia series, which advocates for families adopting special needs orphans from Asia.

And on March 20th 2013, we got 157 views with the most popular post of that day being ‘Many Hands… We Need…‘ – which is an appeal to help bring 2 very special orphans home.

It is so interesting that many things i had planned for this blog didn’t get published or even written. Instead God took it and made it something which shows His wonderful plans at work.

The highlight for me in 2013 was this post, ‘He and She are Home‘, in which the very first two special needs orphans i prayed and advocated for, arrived safely home with their forever families. Every time i think of them, i smile.

So what would 2014 hold for this blog? i pray that it will be a platform for much more orphan advocacy as well as how it affects our lives to be part of this wonderful work. And to reflect that i have updated our Tripping Along page.

Of course, you will still hear about our daily happenings, our travel, reading and writing adventures.

i would like to start 2014 with this wonderful quote from the book “Wonder” (which i will review in the next post).


PS: How do you like our new look?