Blessings for You…

As Paul prayed for the Thessalonians in 1Thessalonians 3:12-13, so i pray for you…

Closeup of red flower - gift for Christmas 2011.

May God’s Blessings be poured out in your lives.

May His Glory shine upon you.

May you reflect this glory and be a blessing to others.

May His Holy Spirit continue to strengthen you

and give you courage to follow the path God has laid out for you

as you walk this earth with Jesus Christ by your side, looking Heavenward.


Fear of Success,Am I Worth It?

i came across this blog called, FindingMyWorth – Realizing A Woman’s Worth. It is a blog which is definitely worth the time spent reading it.

At the moment, this is my favourite post (see title of post, link to the full blog post below).

i read it and i went “OMG, that is me!” You see, i have always been very content to just go with the flow of life. One of the things i used to always say (and likely still say it a fair bit) is “If life throws you lemons, make lemonade.” Now there is completely nothing wrong with the saying. It is a great saying which encourages one to make the best of life and we do need to do that so that we can move forwards instead of wallowing in self-pity. But after reading this piece, i feel that maybe sometimes, with regards to certain things, i have just been letting things slide; i have not been going out there, not doing something about making my dreams come true.

When she spoke about the reasons why we may not have successes in our lives is:

1. Fear

2. Worth

i looked at myself and realised – YES, that is soooo very true. i have been afraid of success, afraid of changing the status quo because truth be told, my life is good. And i Thank God each day how wonderful, how blessed my life has been. But if… if i move forward and go for gold, what would happen? Would my family and friends still see me as the same person? Would the success make me change and become someone i would not recognise or even dislike? i admit it – i have also placed a great emphasis on what people think of me – i am a people-pleaser (now that is yet another post). And of course i fear what everyone normally does, failure – what would they think of me if i failed? Would they think “oh she’s so silly to have gone for it in the first place.”?

Why do i think that way? Because i never thought very much of myself – my self-esteem was low. That is the second point she makes. Now i have to say this – my parents are fantastic parents, nothing short of absolutely marvelous, and yet somehow i got it into my head that i am not good enough. Oh, it was subtle the way this “not good enough” crept into my mind without me even knowing, let alone realising, what it was. So that’s how i ended up getting “approval” from others around me and i have not really lived my own life.

Lotus Flower (Hardy Water Lily) one of the most hardy plants around - i wanna bloom like this.

Fear of Success,Am I Worth It | findingmyworth.

i believe that if God had not been a part of my life, i would have been so very lost, lost trying to find my worth in this rather harsh world we live in. He gave me a direction in my life and He told me i was worth so much that He sent His Only to die for me. Thank You Jesus.


PS: Even though the post speaks directly to women, i firmly believe that both men and women need to hear this – People you are all precious and worthy of love and success. So go get it!

What Is True Spirituality?

Church & Cross
Church & Cross on the edge of a cliff, Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Being spiritual is something i have heard about far too often. i never really wanted to be too spiritual or have spirituality cos it always seemed so daunting to me; so much to need to live up to. When i think of a spiritual person, i think of people like Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa & pastors & leaders who have left their footprints in my life. i think of people who speak of big things & do great things. So little old me would never be a candidate for being a spiritual person. Or so i thought.

This article has changed that view. i don’t have to be charismatic or  know everything about the Bible or have a fantastic vision to be spiritual or have true spirituality – i simply need to do what the Bible tells me to do; share the Love of God with the people i know, not just the Words of God but the practical love of God.

What Is True Spirituality? – Tullian Tchividjian.

The most critical point which the article highlights is that True Spirituality looks outward, not inward. It’s not about how much time i spend reading the Bible or the time i spend praying or listening to sermons. This is not to say these things are not important, they are. But what good is knowing the Bible inside out when your neighbour next door really needs a babysitter so he/she can go to work & support the family & i do nothing but nod & smile or talk about the Bible. Why not lend a helping hand? Showing them care & concern in ways which are tangible to them. i can pray & pray but if i do not avail myself to be the answer to my prayers for my loved ones & friends, i may just missed out on the opportunity to be a blessing to them & know what True Spirituality is.