End of B.B. Birthday Giveaway for Zayne…

My Bling Bling Birthday Giveaway ended 2 days ago. i am a little disappointed that my Giveaway did not do better.

But i would still like to thank those of you who have shared and given to Zayne. Especially to the wonderful anonymous donors who have all offered major bump grants to the children listed on Angel Tree.

Zayne‘s Angel Tree donations are now at US$500.15. So we are at the halfway mark, with another 5 days to go.

There were only 4 people took part in my B.B. Birthday Giveaway. That is only 4 persons have told me that they have shared and given. If you have shared or given by forgot to comment, please let me know ASAP!

Now because i have 6 items to giveaway, i have decided to allow all 4 persons to pick which item they would like as a thank you gift for their contributions. So W.Tay, E.Norton, H.P Heath and E. Schroder will all receive a private message via Facebook because you are all my FB friends with instructions on how to pick your thank you gift.

Zane-ZayneHowever, we are still in need of US$499.85 to make it to the target of US$1000 for Zayne

So please continue to give generously to his adoption grant here. Remember for every donation of US$35 or more, Reece’s Rainbow will send you a lovely glass Christmas ornament with Zayne‘s picture on it. 

You can also shop at this sale i have on Facebook and at Angel Crafts Shop, where 50% of all sales goes to Zayne‘s adoption grant.

Thank you very much.


B. B. Birthday Giveaway for Zayne… Angel Tree 2015…

It’s my birthday!

i don’t normally announce this to the world like this. Actually, i have never announced it to the world like this. BUT… this is for a very special, very precious little boy… it’s all FOR ZAYNE! Who is Zayne? He’s my Angel Tree Child. Read more about him and Angel Tree here.

So what does my birthday have to do with ZAYNE? i just thought it would be a great point to start a giveaway for ZAYNE. And i am calling it The BLINK BLINK Birthday Giveaway! (The BBB Giveaway!).

So how will this run?

It’s simple; you share this giveaway or donate to ZAYNE‘s adoption grant to get entries into the BBB Giveaway.

  • Every share of this blogpost on social media (blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.) gets you a FREE ENTRY. Comment below with a link to where you have shared to qualify for your Free Entry.
  • Every US$5 into ZAYNE’s Adoption Grant gets you ONE ENTRY. So US$10 would get you 2 entries, US$50 would get you 10 entries etc.
  • Send the Paypal receipt from your donation to sandra_chia(at)hotmail(dot)com to qualify for the giveaway.
  • Every entry you earn is allotted a number; which will be used in the drawing at the end.

This giveaway ends in 20 days, on 23rd December!

CELEBRATE My Birthday by entering this Giveaway! Get Sharing & Giving!

Here’s a look at what’s up for grabs in the BBB Giveaway:

Costume Jewelry – Snowflake Cubic Zirconia Pendant on a simple chain with matching stud-earrings. Retail price: £8 (US$12)
Costume Jewelry – Cross Cubic Zirconia Pendant on a simple chain with matching stud-earrings. Retail price: £8 (US$12)
Costume Jewelry – Round Cubic Zirconia Pendant on a simple chain with matching stud-earrings. Retail price: £8 (US$12)
Costume Jewelry – Black Geometric Gems Necklace with a simple silver-coloured chain. Retail price: £8 (US$12)
Costume Jewelry – Chunky Necklace with multicoloured decorative beads on a simple gold-coloured chain. Retail price: £12 (US$18)
Costume Jewelry – Floral Statement Necklace on a double simple silver-coloured chain. Retail price: £8 (US$12)

Please remember my other fundraiser, which is a Books, DVDs and Toys Sale. See details here.

You can also shop at my online store, Angel Crafts Shop, where 50% of all sales will go to Zayne‘s adoption grant.

Click on Zayne‘s name or his picture to go to his profile page on Reece’s Rainbow.

Thank you very much!


Winner of Angel Crafts Shop Birthday Giveaway!…

My Giveaway has been running for 2 weeks now. Even though the number of participants is not what i expected, i am still happy with it. Thank you to everyone who participated.


Now the winner of the hairbow holder of her choice and a custom-made pair of hairclips  is Marine Rose .

Marine, you will be contacted via email.

Don´t be too disappointed if you did not win. There will be other giveaways. And remember there is still Quiz Wednesdays on my Facebook Page as well as a couple more $1 Items coming up!