A Family for Them…

The Colbry Family!

i came across this blog called All Things Colbry and their family photo grabbed me… i said to myself, “i want to see my sweet Wesley in a photo like that!” And my thoughts flew to all the other orphans too.

The Colbrys came home with Eli, their newest family member, last summer and it has been a wonderful adventure for all of them. Go here to read about their journey.

Today i want to specifically highlight 6 boys who currently share 3 times; one, they are all orphans, two, they all have albinism, three, they are all in Asia. My hope and prayer is for them to share a fourth thing… four, that they all have a family…

You all know my Sweet Wesley. He has a sad story but he still maintains a sweet disposition. He loves playing outside and is polite and sensible. He ages out in less than 17 months. So he needs a family to step forward today! Read more about Wesley here.

Here is Shane. He is an active boy who loves to sing and easy-going and helpful. He too ages out in less than 17 months. His vision is getting worse and he needs treatment he isn’t getting. His forever family needs to come forward real soon! Read more about Shane here.

Meet Reid. He has a ready smile, loves to be outdoors and is caring towards younger children. He has only a couple of years before he ages out. Read more about Reid here.

This is Jason. He is outgoing and helpful but nervous with strangers. His mental development could be slightly delayed. His vision seems to be very minimally affected by his albinism. Read more about Jason here.

Here is Andrew. He is a bright boy who is sometimes shy. He is very helpful with chores in his foster family and studies hard. His vision problem does not affect his daily life. Read more about Andrew here.

Last but certainly not least, Kevin. He is a happy, healthy boy who attends regular kindergarten. He does need sunglasses when outside. Read more about Kevin here.

i have nominated all of them for a really cool fundraiser.

There is a guy, Jake, whose heart is for the orphans, who is on a one-year journey to quit drinking soda (soft-drinks or carbonated drinks) as he realises his dependence on them isn’t doing him any favours. He blogs here. But he is making this journey to a healthier him not just about him but about the orphans too. For every day that he goes soda-free he is asking for pledges for 3 specific orphans who are listed on Reece’s Rainbow. Read about his cause here.

i have challenged him to go 100 consecutive days without soda and in return my pledge is 1 cent (or penny in American speak) for every consecutive day. You can simply pledge a fixed amount like 5 cents a day and at the end of a year (March 2014) you will give the total amount (5 cents x the number of days he made it soda-free) to the 3 kids. Read more about making a pledge here.

He has given us the privilege of helping to pick out one of the kids through a Pledge-a-ton. Since i already pledged, i get to nominate and these 6 precious boys are my picks (i have also nominated a 7th boy – his name is Alban and he is just such a nugget… see here for more info on Alban. If you want to see a video of Alban, comment below and i will post the link.).

Now i need your help to help the boys grow their adoption grant.

  • 1st, pledge a small amount and put your votes towards the boys i have nominated. 
  • 2nd, go and like the Soda-Free Facebook page and you get another vote. Again, please vote for one of these 7 boys. Plus, for every like on the Facebook page, Jake will give a $1 to the kids nominated (total number of likes shared between all nominees), so every kid who is nominated already has something going to their adoption grant. 
  • 3rd, spread the word about this great, fun fundraiser so more can take part and the kids can benefit from all the added support and pledges. Remember every share is another vote for you to use and every blog post is 3 votes.

i hope i have explained clearly. If not, ask away and i’ll try my best to answer your questions.

i do hope and pray for your support for the boys! Now go over to Soda-Free, pledge and vote! Remember to comment on either the Soda-Free blog or Facebook page to get your pledges and votes recorded.

Thank you very much.


PS: you could also join Jake and go soda free yourself or try to give up whatever other thing which might be unhealthy. Check it out here.

Practical Help for Precious Ones…

If you have been following my blog for a couple of weeks, you would be familiar with Reece’s Rainbow, an advocate ministry for the adoption of Down Syndrome orphans and orphans with special needs.

Today i would like to highlight a practical way we can help these orphans – fundraising/donations, specifically for families who have committed to bring home a child/children.

Adoptions are terribly expensive within one’s own country but the costs of an international adoption simply skyrockets! Anywhere from US$25,000 to US$40,000. That is a lot of money. Many of the families who commit to adopting a child do not have such cash lying around. They commit because they love the child/children. They fell in love and God led them to adopt. Some have a bit of money to start with but not enough to complete the process. Others are families who have adopted before and have depleted their resources. Still others are brand-new to adoption and have simply jumped in, just because they know with all their hearts these kids need them. Whether or not they have some money to start with or not, the adoption process is long and more will always be needed. So today i’m listing but a few of the many families who are fundraising to meet their goal of bringing home their beloved child/children.

The first fundraising effort i would like to highlight is the Mulligan Stew Giveaway. Julia and her family have recently adopted a lovely little boy (from the same orphanage as my little Heath, who is still waiting for his forever family – is that you?) but their efforts to help these little ones continue. They are now running a HUGE Giveaway, which would benefit several families as well as waiting children. It may sound complicated as they are trying to help as many as possible. But don’t get bogged down with the details – simply know this; when you donate, you earn a certain number of entries (there is a list on the blog). You will need to donate to the Heim Family, who have already adopted 6 children and are in the process of adopting another 4. They really need our support. Then donate to any other family or child/children listed on Mulligan Stew Giveaway. Leave a comment to say to whom and how much you have given. That’s it. You are entered into the Giveaway. Remember to check back for results and share with your friends.

The next fundraising effort i would like you to consider is for Samuel’s and Duncan’s family – the Mortons. (i posted about both Samuel and Duncan here.) Theirs is a wonderful story of simple desire and faith. They had wanted to adopt both Samuel and Duncan (both are aging out of the system). They were confirmed for Samuel but felt that Duncan was someone else’s. However Duncan’s family could not adopt him in the end (they are extremely sad about this). So the Mortons stepped up and committed to Duncan as well. So they are bringing home 2 boys to add to their family of 6. So now they require twice as much as they initially thought. So do support them. Go on to their blog to follow their story and take part in their Giveaways. Once again, do share with all your friends.

The third fundraising effort is with the Prayer Warriors at Reece’s Rainbow. And i’m sure they don’t mind if you give, even if you are not yet a Prayer Warrior. This one is called Puzzle Piece Fundraiser, run by Tonya over at Praying Them Home. i ask that you consider becoming a Prayer Warrior and take part in this fundraiser. If you don’t feel led to be a Prayer Warrior, then i ask that you consider donating just US$5 for a piece of puzzle. Again it will benefit a family in the adoption process. This family is yet to be identified – when we finish the puzzle then the most urgent need at that time will be met. We have lots of puzzle pieces so spread the word amongst your friends.

There are soooooo many many more fundraising efforts going on, it is just not possible to list them all. Here are a few more highlighted on the Reece’s Rainbow blog. You may also want to look at the Family Sponsorship Program.

No amount is too small. We appreciate every little bit which contributes to a whole and helps greatly.

Find out other ways to help the precious ones listed on Reece’s Rainbow.

Please do continue to love and pray for my beloved Heath and Heather as we ask God to bring them their forever families and also help their grant to grow so that their forever families can get to them sooner.