i Love My Daddy… Happy Father’s Day…

i usually like to write something which comes from my heart on occasions like Father’s Day. However, today i am going to use borrowed words and images because it strikes such a cord with me.

So to my beloved Daddy & my beloved Husband…


Happy FATHER’s DAY to all fathers, grandfathers and even godfathers!


PS: in celebration of Father’s Day, i have a special Free Shipping code for Angel Crafts Shop – daddy2015 – use it at checkout for Free Shipping! Valid only for 1 week from today! Remember your purchases helps to grow the adoption grant of my Orphan of the Month. Thank you!

Universal Children’s Day… Angel Crafts Shop…

Universal-Children-s-Day2014112020th November has been set aside by the UN as Universal Children’s Day – a day “devoted to promoting the ideals and objectives of the Charter and the welfare of the children of the world.” (Quote from UN website)

While much has been done in the last 25 years, there are still lots of children who are still in great need, who do not have a voice to make their needs known, whose rights are being ignored daily, whose lives are beyond hard.

Special needs orphans are some of those children. Angel Crafts Shop is set up to help some of these orphans grow their adoption grants. And this UN event to bring awareness to the welfare of the children around the world is significant for me. 

So in celebration, i am offering Free Shipping  until 30th November. Please browse through the shop and make a purchase and contribute to growing JASPER‘s adoption grant.

Jasper needs his forever family to step forward ASAP - he ages out on 1st Jan 2015.
Jasper needs his forever family to step forward ASAP – he ages out on 1st Jan 2015.

Jasper is also my Angel Tree Child – i have committed to help grow his grant by US$1000 in the months of November and December. You can see on this FB page the other fundraising events i have for Jasper.

Please remember to use the Code “childrensday2014” when checking out from Angel Crafts Shop.

Thank you for your support.